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The Good Life Magazines are monthly, private, neighborhood magazines for affluent home-owners, and are directly mailed to every single address in these communities. We do not have any other form of distribution, therefore it is exclusive to the residents of these communities. Our sponsors are responsible for covering the cost of the publication. They can participate in a variety of programs, including display advertising and expert contributions to the magazines.

Our readers are:

  • Affluent homeowners and business owners,
  • Home values over $500,000
  • Household income over $175,000
  • Ages 35+
  • Male and Female
  • 2.54 persons per household


Independent studies have shown that 89.4% of the people who receive our magazines, read them! And, they read them up to 5.5x per month, whether it’s for the Feature Family Article, Local Events Calendar, Free Local Classifieds, Local Real Estate listings, Community Spotlights, Expert Articles or other targeted local content.

Currently there are four “The Good Life” magazines distributed to the residents of West RenoSouth Reno and Wingfield Springs.