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Publisher of The Good Life, Carson Valley Living and Innovation – Northern Nevada Magazines and Partner at Good Life Publications, LLC. 

It is interesting to reflect on an entire career, a significant amount of credit for my past, present and future success is owed to my tenure of 11 years at the Moore Collaborative (TMC). While learning has always been present, and my time with 3M Corporation was critical, clearly the numbers speak for themselves. My skills in developing business relationships, began with the start-up of TMC. I had proven to be exceptional at business development and my partner was an excellent architect. I was responsible for all business aspects of the company.

The numbers do not lie, TMC secured contracts for $700MM in construction costs, producing fees to the company and our partners in excess of $30MM. TMC was closed with the passing of my spouse and partner in 2001. Being too young to retire, I continued as a partner for a Bed & Breakfast in Cabo San Lucas until I sold my share in 2005.

Establishing and growing key relationships with the primary focus of meeting the client’s needs, timelines, and at a profit has been a must. I find that I have greater motivation and ambition than ever before. I am energetic (just ask my tennis group) and motivated in the art of WINNING, not at any cost, but at the proper cost. My passion for the business development profession has resulted in the highest level of strategic partnership success possible. Simply stated, there is nothing in life I would rather do!