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Publisher of The Good Life, Carson Valley Living and
Innovation – Northern Nevada Magazines 
and Partner at Good Life Publications, LLC. 

Chris is co-publisher of the five Good Life Magazines in Reno and Sparks and now Carson Valley Living in the Carson Valley. He shares those duties with his partner Richard Moore. After moving to Northern Nevada in 1997, Chris started out as a radio advertising salesman. That was quite a change after spending 22 years in the restaurant business (not in Reno). Most of his time in the Silver State has been as a Financial Advisor. First with A. G. Edwards, before starting his own firm in 2006.

After the financial meltdown in 2008, Chris decided to sell his practice in 2011. For the next couple of years, he endeavored to launch a product of his own invention. The Grab ‘n Pour is a simple kitchen gadget that allows folks with smaller hands or physical impairments, to pick up and pour two liter soda bottles with one hand. After having only moderate success with the product, he searched around looking for something that he could really become passionate about.

In July of 2014, Chris began selling for The Good Life Magazine. Within a very short period of time, he became the magazine’s publisher and expanded the line-up of magazines to four monthly publications and subsequently adding a fifth magazine in the Carson Valley. Now, with Richard’s help, they are celebrating over 100 editions of The Good Life, as well as expanding to a sixth magazine, Innovation – Northern Nevada!